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The Best Time To Plant A Tree is NOW utilizes the natural resource of “hybrid” trees (Eucalyptus and Paulownia) because they can grow up to 12-20 meters or more in +48 months to quickly produce large-scale quantities of natural and robust furniture and construction material. Wood is one of most sought-after natural commodities on the planet. By creating vast, easily-renewable fields of fast-maturing trees to meet the growing demand for timber, we are actively fighting deforestation, climate change, and the destruction of natural habitats.

Trees are one of the most beneficial renewable resources known to man. They absorb Co2 from the atmosphere while releasing the oxygen we need to breathe. For every cubic meter of wood used instead of other construction materials, Co2 in the atmosphere is reduced by an average of 1.1 tons. Today, with heavy Co2 saturation and climate-change already happening, nothing could be more important than growing more trees to combat the increasing problems. grows in Central Africa, where the tropical climate, open spaces, and bountiful sunlight make an ideal location for large-scale tree plantations. This region is mainly comprised of struggling economies and disadvantaged communities. Foreign investments can be a game changer for these communities by bringing more jobs to rural areas and improving their prospects for future development.

If you would like to visit the plantations we have listed, you are always welcome and there are of course English and Scandinavian speaking guides present at the plantations. Of course, we encourage everyone to make their way past Uganda and see the difference we all make and how nature can work for all of us.

We are building a green economy with a value from something of substance, that is measurable, and that causes no harm to the environment. Instead of commodities or precious metals, we choose to create value by producing a product that naturally strengthens the environment while innovatively improving time-to-market in one of the biggest global industries.

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Ready to change your life?