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We’re always looking for dynamic people to join our fast-growing and ever evolving team of Partners. is leading the charge towards a more eco friendly and safer environment, and you can be a part of it.

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Partnering with to build your own lucrative business allows you to share products that will give long lasting benefits to our planet…what better partnership could there be?

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Ready to make a Change in your Life?



I am required and obligated to sell product and share the product with a certain amount of people.


A participating member of DOES NOT require you to sell anything – unless you want to. It simply means you are able to purchase our products and have the ability to help our planet and environment.




For a holistic person like me, it means a lot of thinking about climate and people, as both are things that shape the future. I buy myself and sell trees because it gives a “Green meaning” and a super feeling inside me.



I am investing my time and energy into Carbon Cash as words are nothing without Action! My reasons for joining are many, from doing something active against the pollution in the world to creating more fresh oxygen. Helping people reach their Dreams and Goals inspires me and living a life independent and having the ability to do more for my Family and Grandchildren drives me. Being able to travel and visit people around the world is amazing and keeps me active. For me I like to make a difference in Life and to inspire others to push hard to also grow and make a difference in their Lives. Carbon Cash has all the pieces of the framework in place to allow me to achieve and do what I want in Life.

Livingstone Kibuuka


Carbon Cash is a great company and safe and secure to work with – and meanwhile My CBCx coins continue to grow in value as Our Trees grow in value. We help to improve the climate and provide jobs on the plantations to people in Uganda. This is a win-win solution for Me and My Country. Thank you for this opportunity Carbon Cash

We give you exclusive products, training resources and marketing materials to build your business on your terms. Whether you are looking to earn some part-time income or grow your business on a global scale, CARBONCASH provides a lucrative business opportunity for all types of direct marketers.

Ready to make a Change in your Life?