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Reduce Your Ecological (GREEN) Footprint

An ecological footprint measures human’s consumption of natural resources against the earth’s ecological capacity, or biocapacity, to regenerate them.

Since the late 1970’s humanity has been in ecological overshoot with annual demand on resources exceeding what Earth can regenerate each year.

Each year, usually in August, a sad milestone is marked; Earth Overshoot Day, a day on which we exhaust our ecological budget for the rest of that year. Passing this day means humanity has demanded all the ecological services – from filtering Co2 to producing the raw materials for food – that nature can provide in one (1) year. Once past this date, we meet our ecological demand by liquidating resource stocks and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The most obvious and arguably pressing result is climate change – a result of producing more carbon dioxide then can be reabsorbed by the forests and oceans. There are others of course, shrinking forests, species loss, fisheries collapse and fresh water stress, just to name a few.

A country’s overall footprint is the sum of all the cropland, grazing land, forest and fishing ground required to produce the food, fibre and timber it consumes, to absorb the waste emitted when it uses energy and to provide space for its infrastructures.

There have been differences in the methodology used by various ecological footprint studies. Since 2006, a first set of ecological footprint standards exist that detail both communication and calculation procedures. These standards are useful when comparing a Country’s, city’s or regions footprint.

A Better Way

How does your own ecological, green footprint shape up?

As the world gets more modern and population grows, there is more of a demand for housing and construction projects. This reduces open green spaces. Forests are necessary to preserve the ecology of the world that supports allthe natural resources and life. Forests also play a critical role in providing clean air and the lumber that builds the homes.

FOR ALL THESE REASONS CARBONCASH.IO has taken steps to combat these life changing conditions and one of the most successful ways to do this is by PLANTING TREES.

By partnering with you can join others that have already taken steps in helping to reduce the amount carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, while protecting our natural habitats.

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