Providing Opportunities to Give Children A Brighter Future is passionate in creating a positive impact in the lives of Children in Uganda. As a nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3) foundation, African Helpers is funded and supported by large communities of caring individuals whose purpose is to help build better futures for young people in underprivileged communities. has entered into an agreement to provide Charity Support through African Helpers in Uganda.

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Christinea Carriera

President of Charitable Foundations

Born in Ontario, Canada in 1963 as the youngest of 3 children. I graduated from St Lawrence College with a Legal Secretarial Arts Degree. Eventually over the years I moved into the food and sales industry, where I obtained various certificates as well as developing an entrepreneurial set of skills.
I have and continue to work through programs to sponsor Chinese and Japanese students with homes to enhance their studies abroad.
Over the years I have been involved substantially in fundraising activities around the world to supply Children from Africa, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua with some of the essentials of Life that we here take for granted.
The more time I spend helping underdeveloped countries the more I have come to realize that coming to the aid of others in need is what fulfills me with Joy and Happiness.

My ” Dreams ” and my ” Success ” are filled by the Humanitarian Aid I can help to provide to those in need.
We all have 2 hands, 1 to help ourselves and 1 to help others….whether it be through donating or volunteering.

Let’s build a brighter future for everyone