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The Management at are made up of individuals from various backgrounds, including Sales and Marketing, Business Logistics, Network Marketing Sales, Corporate and Private Ventures, Economics and Finance. Together they form a collective team to bring the best products and services to people all around the world.

With one collective Goal in mind, to allow people to HELP our Planet, our Environment our Ecosystem and at the same time make money doing it. We don’t agree that these two ideas can not exist, on the contrary, we are making it happen!

A Better Way

Our Vision


We are bringing people together under the simple idea that everyone deserves a chance of helping to improve our planet and environment, while building a profitable business and discovering financial freedom.


Kjell Stendal


Kjell was born in Denmark in 1974 by Danish / Norwegian parents. He has previously worked in Norway in retail and has strong roots in northern Norway. In Denmark, he has worked with sales and marketing of several well-known brands and knows the process of building new market segments. He has worked as head of both young and older employees and has always been well-liked. After making a change of work and new education, Kjell ended up working in psychiatry, where he worked with a lot of people who had greatly benefited from his human understanding. He has not previously worked with affiliate marketing but has always been a natural person with great interest in the climate and what can be done to change the gloomy view of humanity. He is happily married and the father of a girl as well as a boy. Kjell will do his best to make CBCx a success around the world. He manages all administrative functions for the concept’s financial and administrative functions.

Kjell Stendal Quote:

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

Braden Grist


Born and raised in Ontario Canada, Braden is a True Northerner with the believe that we should all live in harmony with each other and with nature. Happily married now for 20 years and with 2 teenage boys has giving me much to be thankful for.

Braden had a formal education and holds a BA. Degree majoring in Business Administration and Marketing. His early years started in the retail sector and he quickly moved up into corporate level positions at a young age where he exceled. Later realizing he would rather put all his efforts into his own passions, he formed his own business and concepts that became successful over the years.

Creating and growing BL Wholesale and turning it into a North American name in the Dietary Supplement industry was a highlight for my career. Several online and offline businesses creating many jobs and generating millions of dollars in revenue rounded out that part of my life. Braden also became involved in the Merchant Account Industry – built on the premise of helping people do business online that could not work with traditional banking systems because of the structure of the business they were involved in.

Direct Selling has also been a big part of his life in joining and succeeding with companies from Canada to Australia selling a variety of products and services. There is always a Great Company out there waiting for you to succeed with, you just need to work the plan and plan the work.

CarbonCash is founded on principals that I stand for and will always strive to improve on. Creating a financially sound platform based on helping to improve our planets atmosphere and eco-system so there will be something better for the next generation (Our Children) is what it’s all about.

Braden Grist Quote:

You will not solve global climate change by hitting the truth.

Terje Syversen


Terje Runar Syversen: Born 1965 in Norway. Has worked with sales and marketing since 1989, specializing in building effective sales teams. In connection with the building of the consumer community, he received more than 25,000 customers in his own sales team in the first year.
Keeps sales and management courses for companies and
privates. Works periodically as an actor and dedicates to personality development. Has more than 30 years experience in Direct Sales for several US companies.

Terje Syversen Quote:

Never give up!

Arne C Olsen


Arne Calvin Olsen was born in Norway in 1956. He has a degree in economics, finance and business administration. He has a proven track record in growing and developing companies. Arne has 35 years of management experience in business areas like investments, including managing teams and negotiating contracts.

He speaks Norwegian and is sufficiently proficient in English, Danish, and German.

Arne purchased the software and the idea for the business from a former colleague back in 2017 and put together a new team of competent and resourceful people that will be able to develop the business further and adapt to the modern trends for sustainable companies.

Arne C Olsen Quote:

We’re all working together; that’s the secret.

Be a Part of the Journey


Keld Jensen

– Country Manager Denmark

2007 was a pivotal turning point in my life as I was introduced to network marketing and over a period of 5 years learned the business from some amazing people and enjoyed true success and time freedom. Later I entered another business model that did not go the way I had planned so I began searching for the right company to join. After searching and looking closely at many different companies over some time I finally joined and made my mark.

Meeting some of the executive team was instrumental in my decision and the company is very transparent with what they have been and what they are doing.

To be able to build my business with while at the same time helping to fight global warming appealed to me a lot.

I look forward to a successful future

Tumwekwatse Moses

– Country Manager Uganda

Born in 1988 in Western Region in current Mitooma District attended Mulago paramedical training schools attaining diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine and Makerere University graduating with bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Worked with Insurance Company of East Africa as team leader later joined Laborex Uganda as sales supervisor and later Trevo Uganda as Country director. I am Passionate in marketing and entrepreneurship and mind-set change coaching.

After meeting with a Company Executive here at the KampalaUganda office and understanding the mission of I knew this was for me. Putting a Business model plan together with the products that can truly help in saving our planet is brilliant.

The Future looks bright

Sulaiman Abrahams

– Country Manager South Africa

Accomplished and goal-driven, with more than 12 years’ experience in competitive markets, targeting prospective new talent, including knowledge of the characteristics of the marketing environment.

I am ambitious and highly motivated, using effective strategies with soft skills approach. I Sulaiman Abrahams, South Africa and its youth will be the driving force, support and harvest into the future. Climate change is affecting the entire globe and have become a key threat to our planet and everyone on it. With we can mitigate climate change, to strive for success in reducing carbon from our beautiful earth.

My Family and I are devoted to securing the action we need, on an International level to assist in sustaining a greener earth. Join our dynamic team and grow your tree, earn profits from it too, and help us grow a safe environment for our youth. Together we will then, develop opportunities for the future of all families.

Peter Philipsen

– Scandinavian Manager

Peter, 52 years old, is born and raised in Denmark, he is educated as a construction builder back in 1986, a trade he still loves and practice. He is known for his high level of quality and he believes that only THE BEST is good enough.

He had his first contact with the Network Marketing industry in 1997 where he started working with insurance, which gave him a strong feeling about the NM industry. He was active selling insurance and building salesforces for the same company for 4 years. Since that he has worked with different companies, giving him a lot of knowledge about the industry and today he is extremely passionate about helping people to reach their highest potential.

To Peter, is a natural step to take, not only for himself, but for EVERYONE. He says: “ We all need to step up and actively do something for our planet, if not for ourselves then for our children and grandchildren”.

Henrik Wiper

– European Manager

Danish born and 46 years old and a 27 year experience in the Network Marketing world. He is an expert in building strong sales structures that can grow dynamically and his high level of activity infiltrates the surroundings. His experience spreads from cosmetics to Crypto Currencies, so he knows the key people of this industry. Privately, he is married to Maiken and has 5 lovely children who give him energy every day.

His education is as an emergency response rescue officer where he is used to working in stressful situations but still maintaining the full overview.

As a European Manager, he will build the company relationships and sales structures and travel around to all current places where the members need help.

In his spare time he is active in football, but he also enjoys going for a walk in Denmark’s forests, where colors and tranquility give him new strength.

Be a Part of the Journey